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My life embodies the cliche phrase, “life can change in an instant.” I was a twenty-four-year-old college graduate with dreams of becoming the biggest sports agent the League had ever seen. That all changed July 2008 when body met metal; I got hit by a drunk driver on Hollywood Boulevard going around 40 miles per hour. The violent impact immediately broke my neck and sent me into a coma for a month. As the doctors were preparing my family for the worst, I was fighting for my right to live. When I finally gained consciousness, I was told that I had suffered from a brain and a spinal cord injury caused by my broken neck, and would be a quadriplegic for the rest of my life.

Another month in the hospital passed in a haze of excruciating discomfort and mind-numbing confusion. A broken neck, what does that even mean? Can I ever walk again? Why can’t I feel or move anything under my neck? The same legs that took their first steps towards my mother at nine months and carried me through hundreds of basketball games are no longer functioning? Lying on the hospital bed amongst the tears, anger, and pain I had to consciously tell myself that this is not where my life would end. This was not the end of my road; I would walk again. After years of physical therapy, small triumphs and even bigger defeats, I willed myself to walk again.

That same perseverance has led me to where I am today. I am the Vice President, Director of Recruitment, Enrollment & Marketing at the University of West Los Angeles (UWLA), where I oversee the day-to-day operations of both the School of Business and School of Law at UWLA. I also serve on the Board of Imagine LA, a non-profit organization in Los Angeles dedicated to ending the cycle of family homelessness and chronic poverty through mentoring and social services.

Most recently, I presented a TEDx talk about overcoming tragedy and making the right, conscious decision to continue to persevere no matter the odds.  I did not let anyone around me define what my life would look like, I carved my own path and I will help you carve out yours as well because we will no longer be defined by the limitations people impose on us.

Troy Brown


What is a Recovery Coach?

Having personally experienced a life-altering event affecting my mental and physical health, I understand how upsetting it can be for an individual and their families to comprehend a negative health diagnosis. My job as a coach is to understand your unique path and listen to your needs. Being a recovering quadriplegic for the past twelve years has allowed me to build a team of world-renowned doctors, therapists, and physical therapists who are dedicated to serving those who need it most. You don’t have to navigate uncharted waters alone!

Together, along with your loved ones, we will create a plan of action and get you all the resources you need to begin your road to recovery. I will inspire you to think beyond the limits of your diagnosis. Based on your individual needs, we will work to create a cohesive curriculum that will challenge you and grow you into a stronger person every day. We offer a variety of hourly and monthly coaching packages that are curtailed to your needs. Please contact us below for a free 30-minute consultation and we will send you further details tailored to your needs.

The best method of overcoming obstacles is the team method!

Colin Powell

How does it work?

After your free consultation, Troy Brown will work with you one-on-one on your road to recovery. You will work together to create realistic levels of expectation and goals depending on your unique circumstances. He will work with you to draw deeper, motivational, connections between your mind and body. When it comes to accountability, working with a coach that inspires you to have more independence and agency to feel more self-sufficient is important, and no one understands that more than Troy. Accountability is an actionable way to achieve goals, but not everyone is good at understanding those steps to see their plans or goals into fruition.

Working with Troy, you will be held accountable to achieve your goals and make significant strides towards maximizing your recovery. Together, you will work to create a recovery roadmap with checkpoints to make sure you are headed in the right direction and keeping up with current goals. Troy offers a variety of ways you can stay connected to him including phone calls, zoom, and in-person meetings when you need an extra boost of support or encouragement. Most importantly, he will remind you to celebrate your small victories!

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Why Choose Troy?

Tragedy became purpose
Troy is a spinal cord injury survivor and a recovering quadriplegic who has defied the odds. He has turned tragedy into purpose and understands first-hand the emotional and physical toll that unexpected diagnoses can take on individuals
Tailor-made Support Plan
Troy will meet with you and/or your loved ones and offer you guidance on your path to recovery by creating a detailed plan of action
Somebody who understands
Confide in someone with a shared lived experience who will understand your unique experience and needs
Mentorship & Friendship
The road to recovery can be difficult but you do not have to be on it alone. Troy will be with you every step of the way and keep you accountable on your road to recovery/healing.

Watch Troy's TEDx Video

In 2018 Troy spoke at TEDx to tell his inspirational story in a speech he titled ``Overcoming Tragedy``.

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